Jean-Pierre De Villiers


Executive Coaching

I work with people who want to achieve more and take their life to the next level. My clients are amongst the best in the world at what they do and are hungry to do even better, and people (including the best in the world) who have a problem they want to solve and break through.

Join Best Life MBA

In Best Life MBA I will coach you on how to deploy the best habits for your mental, emotional and physical fitness, connect you with the greatest coaches and advise you on the best winning
strategies for life.
I will support you in personal leadership, giving you education, motivation, inspiration.


Jean-Pierre (JP) is a professional speaker inspiring companies and individuals to perform at their best. He has captivated audiences around the world, speaking about his passion for living a high performance life with more health, energy and success.

“Very courageous and brave. The Journey that JP has been on is something we can all learn from and will help a lot of people”

Jay Shetty

Inspirational Speaker, Game Changer, Jay Shetty

“JP is one of the leading coaches in the world, he has the ability to not only show us linear strategic moves, but also ways to make life better, stronger, and more exciting.”

Lisa Nichols

Speaker, Entrepreneur

“JP regularly takes CEOs, athletes and celebrities out of their comfort zones and into better, more meaningful lives. These high-achieving people aren’t easy to work with.”

Daniel Priestley

Entrepreneur, KPI

“He’s my own personal Tony Robbins.” 

Mary Buffett

Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur

  • 12 weekly coaching modules
  • 12 weekly private Zoom coaching
  • 3 months of Personal Coaching from me on WhatsApp

Registration now open for  May OTE Program

  • Over the last 2 weeks of the programme there will be WhatsApp checkins
  • If you have a stretch goal, this programme is for you
  • Take action, let’s get started
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