How About A Peru Challenge?

This Peru challenge might be the start of a journey you never thought possible…

Isn’t it time to start the adventure you’ve always dreamed of?

Is this the year you live your life on YOUR terms?

In the beautiful setting of Peru, and with my help, that dream can become a reality very soon. This trip might be the start of a journey you never thought possible.

This trip to Peru is definitely not just your regular adventure and that’s what makes it a must do for this year. With over 10 years of experience as a coach I’ll be joining you on this Peruvian journey.

Together, we will clear your mind and refocus all your energy – forgetting any stresses and troubles you may have and learning how to make better decisions that serve YOU.

Sometimes we can let life get us down and we can become immersed in negativity, with my help we’ll learn how you can fuel your body and mind for health and happiness, using my four pillar methodology. There will be group coaching sessions daily during this trip and daily practices that will not only help you during your time in Peru, but for when you return back to everyday life.

Peru Challenge Details:

Peru Challenge with JPDV 1We’ll start off in the ancient village of Cusco, mixing with locals, experiencing their way of life and connecting you to communities and to the real people of Peru. Then we will begin our trek – there is no better way to experience more of life than being right in the middle of it, is there? Explore your new surroundings with a trek through the Andean landscapes on “The Road of Apu Ausangate” in the picturesque Peruvian Andes amongst glaciers, rainbow mountains and blue lakes. Every turn will bring new beauty that you have only ever seen on advertisements or the internet, never thinking you could actually live it. On our trek, we will be welcomed by the Andean communities and spend the night in a “tambo” or lodge. Joining our group will be two local chefs to keep our appetites satisfied – we’ll be in great hands!

Nothing says South America better than Machu Picchu and after our trek we will be heading to this incredible ancient site. Even for those amongst us with no travel experience, Machu Picchu is a well-known beacon of adventure and ancient history. These 15th century ancient Inca ruins have been known to be magical and are simply incomparable to any other. Set on a mountain overlooking the Urubamba River and jungle – it really is unlike any other wonder. This will no doubt be the crowning glory on your time in Peru.

This Peru trip is All About You…

However, this trip has added extras that you won’t get from any other trips. During this transformative experience you will be free from distractions – you are able to leave all your stresses from life at home. This trip is all about you. With my help, we will motivate you in all areas of your life. We’ll get clear on your ‘why’ and how you can create a road map for a truly extraordinary life.

Do you want a once in a lifetime adventure and the start of a happier you?

Make a decision for yourself this year and discover something new, something exhilarating that will bring you back to life. If you want that adventure you desire – get yourself to Peru. If you want all this and more – come and join us in Peru.

To find out more about my Peru Challenge click here.

JPDV Episode 7: Inspired Ventures, Challenges and International Escapes (Jennifer Viloria)

Extraordinary Peru Challenge with JPDV

Peru Challenge with JPDV 1

An extraordinary experience of Peru’s natural and cultural beauty

Journey to the Incan ruins of Machu Picchu with celebrated Peak Performance Coach Jean-Pierre De Villiers on this once in a lifetime trek across the unspoiled mountain paradise of the Peruvian Andes. Unlock your inner potential against a backdrop of towering glaciers and technicolour mountains; immerse yourself in unique pastoral cultures among sparkling turquoise lakes and meandering llama herds.

With over 10 years experience in health, wellness, and performance coaching Jean-Pierre uses his knowledge and expertise to help change four key areas in people’s lives: focus, nutrition, the physical body, and the ability to de-stress and re-energise. Surrounded by the majestic beauty of the mountains, Jean-Pierre will lead you through group-immersion sessions and daily practices to create a road map for an extraordinary life. After this transformative experience you will return home with renewed vitality and dedication to living a life you love.

Your route to Machu Picchu is via the Salkantay Trek, an ancient and remote footpath named among the 25 best treks in the world by National Geographic Adventure Travel Magazine. Less busy than the traditional Inca Trail route, it crosses the Salkantay Pass at 4600m before descending back into the clouds via the Llactapata Inca ruins overlooking Machu Picchu itself. Along the way you’ll have the opportunity to visit a local family-run farm to discover how coffee is produced and, more importantly, engage with members of the local community.

Extraordinary Peru, Extraordinary You with JPDV is a truly amazing experience that will change your life. For good.

Peru Challenge Highlights:


Peru Challenge with JPDV 3

natives to peruLlama in peru

Peru Challenge Dates:

22 May 2016
Price : £1,399
(Flights and travel insurance not included)

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JPDV Episode 4: Being a Warrior …instead of a Worrier! (Allan Kleynhans)

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JPDV Fitness Challenge Thailand

JPDV-Thailand-Fitness-RetreatThe most important thing I believe you will take from this fitness challenge experience is the gift of long term, maintainable healthy lifestyle choices to implement into your every day often-chaotic modern lives.

The ethos behind my programmes is not all about gaining but about rediscovering what you already have and re-realising your human potential and those pockets of brilliance in yourself that have lay dormant, clouded behind the incessant distractions and fast pace of our modern lives.

This fitness challenge experience will bring those aspects of you to light; you will feel revived and be strengthened not only in fitness but also in self-appreciation and clarity.

This is not a quick fix retreat nor a sugar coated luxury stay. You will be encouraged to participate in as many activities as you can, words don’t teach experience does and the quickest way to get rid of resistance is to face your fears head on. JPDV fitness challenge provides those opportunities to break through those physical and mental barriers through physical training and emotional support. We provide group-coaching sessions which are a great way to find out what those things are to clear the way for greater ease and clarity.

The accelerated growth you will experience from challenging yourself and getting out of your comfort zone cannot be undone. The confidence you will gain in your abilities after this experience will spread and radiate into all areas of your life and it is my goal that each and every participant will eliminate at least one limiting belief that has held them back in life. This is truly transformational and for anyone with a desire to better themselves physically, mentally and emotionally. When we are in a foreign environment, immersed in new perspectives we are allowing ourselves to embrace and allow those parts of our consciousness that we are often distracted from to re-emerge. Although this retreat will act as a catalyst in bringing forth your seat of potential the effects are long-term because you can never unlearn from a breakthrough profound experiences. Even those who have never set foot in a gym have told me of their new found enjoyment of movement, doing what your body is designed to do after this immersive fitness challenge.

When you leave this retreat you will see the world from a new perspective and yourself through fresh eyes. Many people return year after year citing the side effects of the experience as rapid growth, long-term implementation of healthy daily rituals, greater self-knowledge and a newfound confidence and lightness with clear direction on where you want to be and how to get there.

You will learn my peak performance rituals and you will be inspired to find ways to introduce health and fitness to your daily schedule in a sustainable way. All this, while enjoying the beauty of Phuket Island, visiting local attractions and eating delicious Thai food.

To find out more about my Fitness Challenge in Thailand click here>>


The Principles of Peak Performance

How To Move From Ordinary To Extraordinary

Your rituals determine the quality of your life.

When you follow these steps and incorporate these principles into your daily life until they become ingrained habits you will live a truly extraordinary life.

Treat these principles as a peak performance checklist:

These principles are true, tried and tested and will guarantee you success in all areas of your life, however I’ll be very clear when I say that all of the steps in this book are absolutely useless… unless you take action. Knowing and not doing is the same as not knowing at all. You must participate in your own transformation. Start today!

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.


Jean-Pierre De Villiers is a Coach, Peak Performance Strategist, Speaker and Author.

Jean-Pierre or JP as he is known, educates people around the world, teaching them how to live a healthy, successful and fulfilled life as part of his personal mission.

JP has captivated audiences internationally, speaking about his passion for living a fulfilled life, inspiring people to be extraordinary, in all the areas of their life. JP has over a decade of experience in personal coaching; he also speaks, and runs events, retreats and challenges all over the world.

He has been a professional cyclist, Thai boxer and an Ironman triathlete. As a peak performance coach he has worked with Celebrities, CEO’s, Olympic athletes and influential men and women, who demand more from their lives including James Cracknell (double Olympic gold medalist), Sam Claflin (Actor and A-list Celebrity) and Krishnendu Majumdar (Award winning film Director and Producer).

Jean-Pierre works with people who want to maximize their potential, providing them with the strategies to build and maintain a peak performance body and mind.

As well as speaking internationally, Jean-Pierre regularly contributes to publications and features in the media. He is the author of 77 Ways to Reshape Your Life and How To Create Your Extraordinary Life.

Jean-Pierre was a finalist for the APCTC Health Coach of the Year award for two years running (2013 & 2014), and in 2014 was selected as one of the top 50 most inspiring people in London. (The Inspired 50)

JP is a speaker for Success Resources as a representative for the No.1 Success Coach in the world Anthony Robbins. He now runs Tony’s signature “Unleash The Power Within” preview events across Europe as a Senior Leader.

JP’s brand also includes personal development products and courses as well as a jewellery collection which he created with his partner, Designer Julia Cameron. It was created to remind people to practice gratitude every day. The campaign includes contributing 10% of all sales to charitable causes including Centrepoint, a charity for homeless teenagers in London.

If you would like to discuss your situation with me, please email me through the Contact page here>>

Is Life Fitness University for You?




‘What some of our current members are saying…’


Missed the email yesterday? Here you go!


I know this much about you.

The fact you are are a part of my community shows me you have a HUNGER to be the best YOU that you can be.

This truly motivates me to serve you to the VERY BEST of my ability.

You see… I believe I have a calling to serve others to be LIFE-FIT. Fitness has always been the central theme of my life and inspiring you to be fit for life has always been my passion.

…And recently this has lead me to do a LOT of soul-searching.

Over the last few months I started to really struggle with feelings of dissatisfaction with how I was showing up in the world and how I was being (or not being) of service to you.

I know I’ve made SOME difference in peoples lives so far, but making small differences is NOT what I’m about, it never has been. I’ve always pursued the best.

I know I can do better. 

You see, my aim has always been to make a MASSIVE difference to the lives of the people I teach, coach and train.

My mission in life is to help you reach higher levels of motivation, mental, emotional and physical fitness, confidence and well-being so that you can have the very best life.

I know it’s possible for everyone and I feel this in every fiber of my being. 

I want to inspire as many people as I can to get out of their way and make their life extraordinary. And I know I’m not achieving this to the best of my ability right now. Not by a long shot!

I’m not satisfied with merely scratching the surface. I want MORE for you. And to achieve this… I now demand more from ME to get you there.

So, I’ve decided to go ALL IN. 

I’ve made the decision to STOP doing all of those things that are NOT fully aligned with my mission. And to focus only on what is.

You and I both know it’s difficult to succeed at the game of life without being emotionally and physically fit to attack your life. Being fit for life is about having great energy and a winning attitude. Life Fitness requires fresh thinking, strategies and coaching.

To help you achieve this I’ve developed an online community called Life Fitness University (LFU).

In LFU I will coach you how to deploy the best habits for mental, emotional and physical fitness, provide you with the most effective exercises and workouts, connect you with the greatest teachers and experts and advise you on the best books to read.
I will support you in the areas of life you need to focus on with extraordinary education, motivation and inspiration, and so much more.

Life Fitness University is all about being fit for life so you can:

  • Have extraordinary clarity and focus
  • Feel confident in your mind and body
  • Love your life and live with passion
  • Practice high-performance daily habits
  • Have an amazing attitude to your life
  • Live fully with winning tools and strategies
  • Feel certain and excited about your future
  • Have a kick-ass mentality and energy
  • Be happy with your life and live in gratitude

Here’s what you can expect from Life Fitness University:

LIVE weekly coaching, fitness training and Q&A with me. Every week, I will help you reach higher levels of motivation, mental, emotional and physical fitness, confidence, well-being and joy in your life. The replays of ALL our coaching sessions are always available for you in the LFU Private Group.

You’ll also receive unlimited access to the ever-growing LFU video library, interviews with the world’s best teachers, workout videos for every level of fitness and motivational and inspirational videos.

Lastly… in the private online group, I will also be hosting LIVE WORKOUTS where you can literally join me in a workout from anywhere in the world!


You’ll also get IMMEDIATE access to the LFU private Facebook community where you can ask me anything you want, as well as connect with like-minded, motivated people just like you who will both challenge and inspire you to reach the greatest level of living.

I look forward to seeing you there and being your coach.

To your success,


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