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Jean-Pierre De Villiers is a Peak Performance Coach, International Speaker and best selling Author.

Jean-Pierre, or JP as he is known, teaches people how to become the best version of themselves so they can have more energy, confidence, freedom and success to genuinely live an extraordinary life.

JP captivates audiences internationally, speaking about his passion for living life to the fullest, teaching people how to become extraordinary in all areas of life. JP has almost two decades of experience in personal coaching and high performance; he also runs events, retreats and challenges around the world.

He is a former professional cyclist, Thai boxer, Ironman triathlete and endurance athlete. As a peak performance coach , he works with Celebrities, CEO’s, Olympic athletes and other influential men and women, who demand more from their lives including James Cracknell (double Olympic gold medalist), Sam Claflin (Actor and A-list Celebrity) and Krishnendu Majumdar (Award winning film Director and Producer).

Jean-Pierre works with people who want to maximize their potential, providing them with the strategies to build and maintain a peak performance body and mind.

As well as speaking internationally, Jean-Pierre regularly contributes to publications and features in the media. He is the author of 77 Ways to Reshape Your Life, The Principles of Peak Performance, How To Create Your Extraordinary Life, and Unleashing the C’s in Success.

Jean-Pierre was has been nominated as Health Coach of the year, was selected as one of the top 50 most inspiring people in London and has had the honour of speaking in front of the Abu Dhabi Royal family.

JP is a speaker for Success Resources, the No.1 events promotion company in the world, and as a representative for the No.1 Success Coach in the world, Tony Robbins. He runs Tony’s signature “Unleash The Power Within” preview events across Europe as a Senior Leader.

JP’s brand also includes personal development products and courses as well as a jewellery collection which he created with his partner, Designer Julia Cameron. It was created to remind people to practice gratitude every day. The campaign includes contributing 10% of all sales to charitable causes.

“JP is a very impressive man.” – ‘The 9.4 Billion Dollar man’ Jay Abraham (World’s No.1 Sales and Marketing Strategist)

JP and Tony Robbins

JP and Tony Robbins




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