Bumps in the Road

We all have bad moments but why do we always say ‘I’m having a bad day’? How do we go from a bad moment to a bad day?

These bad moments or bumps in the road on their own wouldn’t be a problem, but as one follows another they pick up speed each one adding to the next. A sleepless night followed by a cancelled train combined with an urgent task when you get into work, or some other succession of relatively small issues when combined creates what we call a bad day. It is at this point we might become frustrated or angry at the smallest of things, we have allowed these minor bad moments to gain momentum, to overwhelm us. A bad moment becomes a bad day becomes a bad week becomes a bad habit.

The key is simply not to allow these moments to be more than isolated incidents, take away their power by not letting one roll into the next. We can do this by putting our own speed bumps in the road through some simple practices.

I expect most of you will have some form of morning meditation practice, if not this should be the first thing you do. By meditating first thing in the morning you will set yourself up for the day putting yourself in a calm, relaxed state and also reaping a host of other well-documented health benefits. If you only did this you would already be able to handle these moments more calmly and effectively.

Though, to be truly effective you have to add more of these speed bumps into your daily routine. One of the best ways to do this is a simple breathing exercise with gratitude, just take 10 deep breaths at various points during the day and really focus on what you are grateful for. You can do this whenever you have time, at set points during the day or at any time you are feeling stressed, make it a habit.

By resetting yourself like this you maintain the state you developed during your morning practice, allowing you to handle any situation better and not giving it the momentum to create a bad day for you. In fact, you create a different kind of momentum, one of gratitude, calm and positivity throughout your day.

Thanks for reading my first blog as Head Coach at JPDV, in the next blog I will discuss some simple techniques for your morning meditation. If there are things you would like us to discuss or answer do not hesitate to let us know.

Jez Stephenson – Head Coach at JPDV


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