Ordinary to Extraordinary

3 month programme

Please note this program is not for everyone!

This coaching programme ‘From Ordinary to Extraordinary’ is a 3-month coaching programme for a maximum of 20 people.

It starts on the 26th October 2020 and ends on the 31st January 2021.

My coaching style is direct… you will love me and hate me at the same time. 

You must apply as there are only 20 places in this program and I need to know that we are a good fit. 

If you want to APPLY please email amanda@jeanpierredevilliers.com

Included in the 3 month programme:

12 weekly coaching modules with actions/homework

12 weekly private Zoom coaching calls where we do deep coaching work, work through your coaching modules and I answer any coaching questions you have. 

3 months of Personal Coaching from me on WhatsApp

Over the last 2 weeks of the programme there will be WhatsApp checkins, where I will be giving you daily exercises to do to check in every day to make sure you’re staying in the work! 

If you have a stretch goal you want to achieve, this programme will help you make it happen.

Don’t wait until the New Year, be ready before it even begins.

All the best, 


To APPLY or for more info please email amanda@jeanpierredevilliers.com



“In three weeks JP helped me prepare myself physically and mentally for my role. Now that I'm finished with this film, I'm back to work with JP on my next project. We’re now also good friends, which makes working together much more enjoyable!"

Sam Claflin

"It's been great working with JP because of his flexibility in working in a tough environment and having to think on his feet about what will challenge me."

James Cracknell

"Quite simply, JP has changed my life. I cannot thank him enough or recommend him highly enough."

Krish Majumdar

"Before meeting JP, health wise I wasn't that happy. Now I feel great – lighter, fitter and healthier. I would recommend JP to anyone.The results I've achieved speak for themselves!"

Michael Cane

"A true architect of mind, body and spirit, with great humility and humanity. Here's a man that skilfully marries both coaching in physiology and psychology. His methods are humbling and his knowledge vast. Unusual to find such a man."

Poppy Sprague

"I went from an overweight, heavy smoking, heavy drinking, poor diet, middle aged business executive to a slightly obsessed health freak (no longer smoke, drink rarely, watch my food intake and exercise at least 4 times per week.”

Vinod Patel

"JP is thorough, professional, charming and easy going, but tough in equal measure and it is impossible to not feel inspired and determined to do your best when in his company."

Olivia Hallinan

"Working with JP made me realise that life is too short to stand still and wonder what the hell just happened around me! I now have the belief that anything is possible and I have him to thank for that."

Paul Sweet

"JP has a unique and powerful approach that works. Working with him has transformed my results and my outlook on life. JP really cares about his clients, this is what makes him different and so much more than a coach."

Abdi Azimi

JP is brilliant! The programme he has devised has delivered significant benefits for me - far exceeding all my expectations. I would have no hesitation in recommending JP for coaching. He will definitely bring out the best in you."

Mark Vickers

“JP has helped me transform my life. I'm so happy I took the decision to do his coaching programme and I have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone."

Ricky Singh

“JP’s signature coaching sessions continue to push me to my limits. I highly recommend JP to anyone who is serious about achieving transformational results."

Yitsun Wong

“Apart from the obvious weight loss, my strength and motivation have also improved significantly. Diet and nutrition have both improved, my blood pressure is lower and I have stopped smoking!"

Chris Dorman

“The results were dramatic. It's been, with no exaggeration, a life-changing experience. JP’s an inspirational man with a passion and verve for what he does, and we have become firm friends in the process. Not a bad outcome, or should I say, start!"

Andy Simpson

“JP's coaching transformed my life. His mantra is contagious and I can honestly say that immersing myself in his coaching programme is one of the best decisions that I've made. JP, to you I am indebted!"

Rhona Eskander

“JP has a natural ability to generate enthusiasm with his addictive personality and limitless energy to such an extent you find yourself with a healthy appetite to get back to him for another 'fix' of his energy.

Colin Everett

"One minute in his company, across from him smiling and beaming, and I'm doing the same. One hour later, I'm glowing—with optimism and renewed self-belief and feeling like I wished the clocks had just gone back so I could have another hour of this."

Sean Scoltock

“The results have been life changing! I stopped smoking after 20 years, stopped taking anti-depressants after 5 years, dropped 2 dress sizes and lost body fat. I would recommend JP's coaching to anyone who is serious about changing their life for the better. It is the best decision you will ever make!"

Fiona Harrington

"I am very grateful to have experienced JP's coaching. I was challenged with understanding my worth but with JP's help I recognised my real value both as a professional and a human being. It also gave me a great boost of confidence to make better decisions about the next steps in my career and business."

Roman Ivanov

"JP helps you to embrace the hard work needed to create change, knows when to kick you to motivate you, but is always caring and sensitive too. He's a master of his craft, but more importantly a really wonderful person to be around."

Avni Trivedi

"JP was recommended to me by a good friend. He walks his talk and this is very inspiring. He is a living advert for his business and what he teaches. I would highly recommend JP to anyone.”

Steve Driver

"My sister didn't recognise me during the transition of the triathlon and said, that can't be him, he doesn't have muscles like that. Thanks JP!"

Christy York

"Working with JP is just brilliant! He is so motivating and positive making you want to push yourself to your limits."

Kerry Ellis

"Working with JP has transformed my life. He coached me through two challenging periods in my life, flexed his support to meet my challenges and never let me give up.”

Heather Orton

"I have been very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with JP! I have recommended JP to all my friends. I have also asked him to do some coaching with my son. I don't believe a recommendation comes higher than that!"

Dr Joanna Perkins

"JP has changed my life for the better. He is an unforgettable character and one I wholly recommend incorporating into your own life."

Heather Salmond

"I stated my goals and JP tailored a coaching program to suit my needs. The sessions have been extremely hard work, but have been very worthwhile. I'm setting off for Vegas next week, looking and feeling the best I have for years, so my goal has been reached."

Rob Smith

“I have much more energy and look forward to getting up to face a new day. JP is very inspiring and holds you fully accountable, but with the right balance of understanding of what you need to do to achieve your goals, balanced with understanding of everyday occurrences in your current lifestyle. Thank you so much JP!"

Susan Routledge

“We were looking for a Coach that resonated with us. Someone that would understand and feel the fire within and make it last. JP is that Coach. He takes the smallest spark, ignites a fire and gives you momentum to pursue your goals and get you to the next level. Exactly what you need and want in a great Coach. Merci JP, from the bottom of our hearts.”

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