‘But I don’t like the gym’

I’m lucky in that I love all sorts of exercise: weights, running, swimming, martial arts, golf, chi kung, walking, basketball etc. etc. As a result of this, I have many different tools to exercise at my disposal and can always find something to do regardless of circumstances or how I’m feeling.

I had an inspiring call today with a client who is a great example of this attitude, his goal after achieving an awesome transformation himself is to offer others the steps and process he went through so they can enjoy the feeling of fitness and health which he does.

The biggest issue most people face with fitness is getting started, the old saying ‘the hardest part is showing up’, putting the sneakers on, actually getting in the gym or going to your first class. We all know exercise makes us feel better, prolongs our life and prevents a myriad of health issues people face today. What’s stopping us then? Why aren’t we all super fit?

I believe a big part of the problem is how we experience fitness as we grow up. For a lot of people PE (physical education) was an awful experience of cross country running around a muddy field on a freezing Winter’s morning or being forced to take part in some game we really didn’t enjoy. For others it was an add on to their lives, they used to play for the football / rugby / netball team but then life got in the way, it was something they played as a child and it didn’t fit in with their adult life. It’s these sorts of attitudes that stop us making fitness and therefore our health non-negotiable.

All of this creates a view of fitness as an add-on to our lives if we even bother to do it at all. Things that are added on to our lives are the first things we don’t continue with when life ‘gets in the way’, fitness has to become an integral part of your life if you are going to do it every day it has to become non-negotiable.

Then I hear, ‘but I don’t like the gym’. In the world most of us are lucky enough to live in this excuse is simply not acceptable as a reason not to exercise. No two gyms are the same, in every gym you could use the weights and cardio machines in a huge number of ways before you even looked at the mind-boggling number of classes which are available these days. If after all that you really don’t want to go the gym then don’t, you can join a sports club, go to a dance studio, take up hot yoga, join a walking club, buy a kettlebell to use at home or a million other ways you can now utilise to move your body.

You lose nothing by trying something out and when you find that something or somethings you enjoy then fitness really becomes fun, it becomes a part of your life and you’ll make it non-negotiable.

Jez Stephenson – Head Coach JPDV

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the blogs and if there’s any topics you’d like us to cover in future blogs please let me know – jez@jeanpierredevilliers.com


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