The importance of finding your tribe should not be underestimated

Going at life alone never served anyone

I’m all about connection, it is what we need to truly be able to thrive. Our need for connection is why I created my Best Life MBA community, and it is central to what I teach.

The importance of finding your community should not be underestimated. At the base of our being, we as humans all require connection and support to thrive and grow. 

Having a tribe of like-minded people in both the physical and digital space is so important.

Wherever we show up in life, whether online or in our local communities, we want to feel that we can be exactly who we are, and can freely ask for help and support.

A tribe is stronger when we are together.

Since the beginnings of times, the human race has had an intrinsic desire for community. That loyalty and camaraderie we find in the people we choose to surround ourselves with is important on a very primal level and not only determines who we are as individuals, but how we view and treat the world around us.

At a core level, community and connection fulfil our deepest human needs and desires. 

Our tribal ancestors knew the importance of this, and much of their survival depended on the strong bonds they had with the people around them.

Unlike the modern-day, where we are incredibly independent of one and other, individualism reigns supreme and we often seek to ‘do everything on our own’, tribes knew they were stronger together.

Having a close-knit community of people you can not only rely on for support but also to challenge and push you, means we can all go so much further in life.

Isolation is a punishment

We are all connected at a conscious and quantum level. Everything in nature is connected but when we feel or perceive separation in ourselves and others in how we interact and acquire success, life feels like a struggle. 

In fact, within tribal groups, the worst thing you can do to someone is to isolate them. Isolation is also considered the harshest punishment you can receive in the prison system.

An environment for growth and a sense of purpose

A tribe harbours an environment for generating new ideas for work and life whilst also fostering a sense of community which is vital for a healthy productive life. These groups can provide a sense of purpose, a reason to interact with others and even provide health and wellbeing benefits.

Your tribe is a community of those, who nurture your journey. To be amongst those with whom we feel safe in a space where we are free to express our uniqueness, gifts and eccentricities without fear of judgement or rejection brings huge fulfilment.

In your tribe, there is no standard of perfection to adhere to, it’s a space where you can show up and be vulnerable knowing you will receive unwavering support. 

Opening ourselves up and sharing the things that are close to our hearts creates a space of shared vulnerability that leads to deep connection, which is what we all crave the most. 

When we feel seen and heard it unlocks our power and potential as individuals and collectively.

When you look deep enough, you will see that your tribe provides you with a sense of grounding and connection that ultimately fulfils many of your basic human needs and when we connect deeply with each other we connect more deeply with ourselves.

I know for sure that I’m happy when amongst my Best Life MBA community, yet I also have many different groups of tribes within the multitude of interests and passions that I have. 

Our tribe can be made up of different people or groups, they don’t have to look a certain way all they can do is help you feel connected and inspired.

I have an amazing tribe in the digital space comprising of mentors and teachers that I have followed for years. I never feel alone or uninspired because I can access them whenever I like. They inspire me to grow, they educate me and push me to be the best version of myself.

I’m honoured to be a part of your tribe and as always I’m here for your growth and success which is why I created my 3-month coaching program Ordinary to Extraordinary… designed with you in mind to help you make 2021 your best year yet.

The next program intake is for a maximum of 20 people (15 spaces left), starting on Monday the 15th of February 2021.

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