You might be able to “make me” wear a mask (right now), but I will never stop speaking my truth.

At the beginning of every year, I make myself a promise. I promise myself to speak and stand MORE in my truth every year. So, here goes…


This year, I promise myself:

To not put harmful substances in my body;

To not put harmful thoughts in my mind;

To be the absolute best human being I can be;

To be the best role model I can be;

To take care of my family better than I ever have;

To live 100% in my own truth;

To go after what I really want;

To not settle in any area of my life;

To listen to my inner voice and intuition and pay attention to my feelings at all times;

To meditate 2hrs every day;

To be the best athlete I can be;

To be a peaceful warrior and speak up for the animals;

To spread the message of love and kindness by being an extraordinary vegan athlete;

To let go of everything and everyone that doesn’t serve me;

To clean up my financial home and create a significant buffer for my family;

To simplify my business to suit a simple monastic style life;

To be present as much as I can in every moment;

To appreciate every breath I take;

To spend time in nature every day;

To only do things that make me feel good;

To surround myself with people who are better than me;

To live my life 100% in the way that it inspires others;

To let go of all negativity in my life;

To create my own rules and live by them, not by others’ perceived limitations;

To always live with an attitude of gratitude;

To see myself the way others see me;

To love myself the way others love me;

To be consistent and disciplined in the areas of my own highest values;

To stay slow, and not rush through life;

To just “be” more, and “do” less;

To abandon all bad habits and walk away from things that hold me back in life;

To take full responsibility for my life;

To take care of my mind, body and spirit daily;

To love more than I ever have;

To live more than I ever have;

To laugh more than I ever have;

To celebrate every single moment of my amazing life through gratitude and contribution;

To always serve myself and then serve others only when my cup is full.



Don’t just think it, write down a list and stick it on your wall as a reminder of who you choose to be this year.


If you would like to continue working with me in 2021, I have a few invitations for you:

For immediate action: Self-Mastery Summit

For continuous growth & community: Best Life MBA

For serious work: Ordinary to Extraordinary Coaching Program

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