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It’s difficult to succeed at the game of life without being emotionally and physically fit to attack your life. Become your own life’s CEO with Jean-Pierre De Villiers coachingand master yourself in the areas of Certainty, Energy and Obsession.

That’s why in Best Life MBA (BLMBA) I will coach you how to deploy the best habits for mental, emotional and physical fitness, provide you with the most effective exercises and workouts, connect you with the greatest teachers and experts and advise you on the best books to read. I will support you in the areas of life you need to focus on with extraordinary education, motivation and inspiration, and so much more.

Your Best Life MBA programme is about being fit for life
and being the best leader so that you have:

Have extraordinary clarity and focus
Feel confident in your mind and body
Love your life and live with passion
Practice high-performance daily habits
Have an amazing attitude to your life
Live fully with winning tools and strategies
Feel certain and excited about your future
Have a kick-ass mentality and energy
Be happy with your life and live in gratitude

Here’s what you can expect from your Best Life MBA:

LIVE weekly coaching and Q & A’s with JP and the Best Life MBA coaches. JP and his team will help you reach higher levels of motivation, mental, emotional and physical fitness, confidence, well being and success in life.

Every single week you will have the chance to get live coaching, and if you can’t make the LIVE sessions, all coaching sessions are recorded and saved in the members’ area.

Also, you will receive unlimited access to an ever-growing video library filled with JP’s guidance and teachings, interviews with the world’s best teachers, and even workout videos and challenges set by JP and his team for every fitness level.

You will get immediate access to the best life MBA private Facebook community where you can ask JP and his team anything as well as be connected with like-minded, motivated people just like you, who will both challenge you and inspire you in your best life MBA

You deserve to be fit healthy, wealthy and happy. and to feel like you’re winning in every area of your life.

I’ve made it happen for myself. and I’ve made it happen for thousands of other people, now it’s your time. What are you waiting for? Make the commitment take action, and let me help you reach the highest level of personal performance and fully own your life. Your Best Life MBA is how you will make it happen.

Here’s what a handful of JP’s group coaching clients have said…

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