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Cancel anytime. As part of Life Fitness University, you receive coaching on:

- How to deploy new habits for mental, emotional and physical fitness, advice on what books to read, support for the areas of life you need to focus on, extraordinary daily motivation and inspiration, and so much more.

- LIVE monthly training and Q&A with JP. Every month, JP helps you reach higher levels of motivation, mental, emotional and physical fitness, confidence, well-being and joy in your life. The replays are always available for you in the members area.

- You'll also receive unlimited access to the ever-growing LFU video library, interviews with the world's best teachers, workout videos for every level of fitness and motivational and inspirational videos.


You'll also get immediate access to the LFU private Facebook community where you can ask JP anything you want, as well as connect with like-minded, motivated people just like you who will both challenge and inspire you.

The Life Fitness University is all about being fit for life so you can:

  • - Have extraordinary clarity and focus
  • - Feel amazing in your mind and body
  • - Love your life and live with passion
  • - Practice high-performance daily habits
  • - Have an extraordinary attitude to life
  • - Live life fully with winning tools and strategies
  • - Feel excited about your future
  • - Have a kick-ass mentality and energy
  • - Love yourself and live in gratitude

    If you don't love Life Fitness University, you can cancel anytime by shooting us an email. You can cancel any month and you won't be billed again.

    Let JP coach you and live your best life possible. You deserve to be fit in every aspect of your life. Take action and signup now so you get your life moving in the right direction! You CAN reach another level of Life Fitness. LFU is HOW. Join today!

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