steps to successChange is so easy when you know how, but unfortunately many people have the wrong strategies for wanting to create change in their lives or they are convinced that using a strategy they’ve learned or read about will eventually get them there, even though it’s not getting them anywhere now.

Doing the same thing over and over again is the definition of insanity.

Here are four steps to success that can help change anything in your life!

No 1. Start where you are

I love the saying, “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great”. Some people wait for when they are ‘ready’ to start, but I promise you.. you will never be ready. If you are going to wait until you are ready, you are going to be waiting for the rest of your life. Now is always the best time to start. Always do your best with what you have got. This goes for anything in life. Just start where you are now and do the best with what you’ve got – with the best finances, surroundings, resources and equipment that you have available to you. This is the first step to success that will get you closer to your goals. Always remember,  doing something will lead you somewhere but doing nothing will lead you nowhere.

No 2. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else

Everyone is on their own journey. The biggest mistake you can make in trying to succeed in any area of your life is comparing yourself to someone else. You don’t know what they have been through and they don’t know what you have been through. Both of you have been on completely different journeys to get where you are today. Some people have been on their journey for over 10 years whilst others are only just starting out. Compare yourself to yourself. Compete with the ‘old’ you when creating the ‘new’ you. As long as you are better than you were yesterday then you are making progress, and progress equals success.

No 3. Measure your progress

Not measuring your progress is like watching a plant grow. You will never see any change especially when it comes to fitness and transforming your body, and when not seeing any change you might become disheartened and maybe even quit. You must make sure that you are measuring your progress (e.g. body fat, measurements, progress photos). This is an extremely important part of creating change in your life. What gets measured grows. When it comes to other areas in your life such as business, you need to always look back at what you have already achieved. It’s so easy to look forward and think, “I really want to achieve that”, but when you look back over the last few months or over the last year and you write down all the things you have achieved, you’ll realise how much you’ve actually already conquered. We seldom look back on our successes. Instead we look forward in our hunger for success and focus on the things that we are yet to accomplish. Look back and be grateful for all that you have done and for all you have achieved. Appreciation brings more appreciation.

No 4. Have fun with it

Life is meant to be fun. Live with passion. Do what you love and love what you do. If you don’t have fun or if you aren’t happy in your life right now you are never going to enjoy the process of creating change in any area of your life. If you don’t enjoy it, it’s probably not even that important to you. Make sure that whatever goals you are pursuing you make the journey enjoyable. Create a positive emotional response in your body and mind and you will love doing it every day. Make it the reason why you get up every morning. Make it a MUST.

Yours in health,