How The Rich Get Richer: 12 Steps for Creating Wealth


Do the best you can, give the most you can and do your best to make our world a better place. This is what life is about, in my opinion. Life is not about sitting back and waiting for things to come to you, it’s about investing your time, energy and money. Invest whatever you have available to you so that you can grow as much as possible and then give everyone around you the opportunity to grow with you.

There are many steps and strategies for creating wealth. What I’m sharing with you here are the lessons I’ve learned, the experiences I’ve had and the strategies I’ve used that have helped me to grow in my own life. I will also share what hasn’t worked for me.

Part of this writing is inspired by the teachings of Robert Kiyosaki who’s well known book ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ (one of the first personal development books I read) is about growing up with two ‘dads’; one with a “poor” mindset the other with a “rich” mindset.

Robert Kiyosaki also developed a model called the “Cashflow quadrant”, which is a model that helps you determine where you are in your life in terms of wealth, career and mission. Most people live in the first “employee” quadrant. Some people might aim for and eventually move over to “self-employed”, but what you really want to be doing is to become a “business owner”, and then ideally move to the fourth quadrant and become an “investor”.

When you are an employee the amount you earn is relative to the amount of work you do, this is the left side of the quadrant (Employee and self-employed). You can’t take time off from work when you want because if you aren’t working you aren’t earning. On the right side your income does not depend on your active work. (Business owner and investor).

Ideally, you want to be able to step away from your business, take a holiday, spend time with your family and not have to stop earning.

I’m a success coach and international speaker. I travel the world doing what I love; coaching, speaking at events and helping people to grow in all areas of their life. I consider myself to be rich (emotionally certainly) and although I haven’t completely mastered every side of wealth I am well on my way, becoming more financially intelligent every day. I have made considerable leaps in my life and I want to show you how to take the next steps in your life and increase your wealth as I have done.

Since my early twenties I’ve known that I wanted to move from being an employee to being an investor. Today I am both a business owner and an investor. For many years I was self-employed, in some areas of my work I still am. I have had very few employee positions in my life. It was never something I was interested in. I’ve always known that I wanted to be my own boss.As I mentioned before, there are many ways to produce income but as an employee you don’t have any leverage. When you stop working you stop earning.

As I mentioned before, there are many ways to produce income but as an employee you don’t have any leverage. When you stop working you stop earning.

When you become self-employed you own a job; your time = your money. But when you move over to the right side of the quadrant you move to business owner, that’s when people start to work for you. People = money! The more leverage you have, the more money you earn. The high end of this quadrant is the investor quadrant. This is where your money works for you, this is where you create passive income and multiple revenue streams so that you can do what you want without having to worry about your time = your money.

You take the money you earn and you invest it.

Here are my 12 strategies for creating wealth (inspired by Robert Kiyosaki)

  1. Have a strong mindset

As one of my mentors, Tony Robbins says, “80% of success is psychology.”aving a strong mindset is incredibly important in helping you push forward in your business ventures, so that you keep focused and determined rather than giving up. It is so important to give everything you’ve got in your business instead of giving up. Whether you are a small business, a six-figure business owner or you own an empire… business is never easy, but it is worth it. It is always worth creating the income and the life that you want.

Having a strong mindset is incredibly important in helping you push forward in your business ventures, so that you keep focused and determined rather than giving up. It is so important to give everything you’ve got in your business instead of giving up. Whether you are a small business, a six-figure business owner or you own an empire… business is never easy, but it is worth it. It is always worth creating the income and the life that you want.

Success is not easy if it was everyone you know would be successful. You must be willing to push through your challenges and get used to being uncomfortable because on the other side of being uncomfortable lies an extraordinary life.

Having that strong mindset allows you to create whatever you want; it allows you to take chances by having emotional fitness. I often talk about physical and emotional fitness as being a state of readiness, never having to get ready because you are always ready; you stay ready. When you have this strong mindset you can cope with adversity, get through anything and come out the other side fitter and stronger. It is key to creating wealth and success in your life. All leaders will tell you the importance of having a strong mind and personally I see it as the most important step to creating an extraordinary life, which is why I’ve put this step first.

  1. Be willing to take risks 

Nothing ever happens in your comfort zone. Comfort equals average.

Comfort = being good. 30 Years ago “good” might have been enough but in today’s world, “good” is not enough, ordinary is not enough. You have to be extraordinary. Today you have to be outstanding.

For you to be able to take risks you have to start being willing to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. You have to get to a place in your life where you are comfortable with taking risks.

What I say to my clients is, “Get out of your head and into your heart.” Why do I say this? Because in your head is where your self-doubt, fears and limiting beliefs live, whereas in your heart is where your intuition lies; your gut, your instincts and what should really be your brain. If you are faced with a decision that seems risky or scary I encourage you to go for it, follow what your heart is telling you.

Trusting and following your intuition is where excitement is created. That nervous/excited feeling you get when you know you’re taking a risk but you do it anyway because it feels like the right thing to do means that you’ve decided to go with your gut and follow your what your heart desires. You know it might be a gamble that you might lose but also that it could lead to something incredible.

If you feel too scared or nervous to take a risk then I suggest tricking your brain. Tell yourself, “There is no difference between nervousness and excitement in the brain, it is the same reaction so when I think I feel nervous the truth is that I’m actually excited.” Put your hand on your heart and ask yourself if this is what you want… If the first answer that comes to you is “yes’ then do it!

In our life, we are constantly sending ships out to sea. I can guarantee you that not all of your ships are coming back, this is just life. Some will sink and some will get lost in storms and never return but the more ships you send out the more chance you will get of some of those ships coming back and when they do come back they will be filled with massive reward. Send those ships out, get out of your head and into your heart and go out there and take as many risks as you can. Don’t be a saver, be an investor, take risks.

If you see an opportunity take it, the saying “opportunity doesn’t knock twice” is apt. If it feels like the right thing to do, do it.

Robert Kiyosaki says, “Savers are losers, investors are winners.” When you save you make small amounts of interest and it will take you a long time to feel secure and that you are building any real wealth or freedom, but when you invest you are sending ships out and, although there are risks, when those ships do come back they will be laden with gold.

  1. Become financially educated

In school, we don’t learn about financial education. We are taught to live a life that is based on the industrial age. Our education is based on being employed. We are not taught financial intelligence. Go to a financial ‘school’; learn about investing, trading and read as many books as you can.

When I was a young kid growing up in Cape Town South Africa I knew nothing about financial or even emotional intelligence. For example, until the age of 22 I had no idea that my thoughts were creating my reality. When I started to learn about personal development and wealth creation I began learning about how money works and I started investing my time and energy into learning about how to invest. I picked up as many books and audios as I could from various teachers and trainers, which has allowed me to become more educated in money.

I am mastering my life every day because I am always learning, growing and investing. If you are not already investing and maybe don’t know how to start I recommend joining an “Investment club”, this is a great way to introduce yourself to the arena. Investing this way, all the people within your club (this can be from 5 to even 20 people) invest small amounts of money each month, you have regular online and offline meetings and open discussions available for to be able to immerse yourself in a ‘money environment’ so you can learn about investing, trading and the stock market.

The more you learn about wealth, the wealthier you become. Do something every day to allow you to grow financially. Repetition builds skill.

The content in this book is incredibly valuable but is it enough? No! You must consistently implement the knowledge you take from this book to build the skill you require to be successful. Immerse yourself in environments that will help you move forward, grow in the area of financial education and get someone to hold you accountable for your actions.

  1. Be Honest with yourself

Be honest with yourself about where you are right now.

In the past, I have had many times where I’ve not been honest with myself so I know from personal experiences how important this is. You pretend that everything is ok and maybe even better than it is. You put on a brave face and walk around wearing a mask when around other people. Perhaps it’s because you aren’t even aware that you’re in trouble or perhaps things are so bad that you can’t even bring yourself to look at your finances. Where are you right now? Are you happy where you are? Are you satisfied?

Be honest with yourself. The truth will set you free.

This doesn’t have to be a negative experience. Where can you look for lessons learned, if you’ve ever had failure in your life look at what you learnt from it. Where have you failed? Where can you find the lessons in your failures and how much are these worth to you? For example, I had a client that had failed massively in business and all he could focus on was the amount of money that he lost. What I helped him to do was to get really honest about where he was and everything he had learnt in the process of losing his business. We then wrote down over 100 lessons he had learnt and we put a value amount next to each lesson. I asked him to work out how much each lesson was worth to him going forward in his life and at the end of the exercise those lessons were worth over twenty times more than the amount of money he had lost in his business. This clarity allowed him to change his focus and he was able to have a different attitude towards his failures from that day forward.

When you realize you are in trouble ask for help. Don’t put up a mask and pretend that everything is ok.

There is no such thing as a self-made millionaire. All successful people have had help along the way and have known when to ask for it. Speak to mentors, teachers, coaches, go to seminars, do whatever you can to get those questions you have answered. Always be willing to ask for help and keep asking.

Jay Abrahams one of the top marketing and sales strategists in the world says, “The quality of your life comes down to the quality of your questions.”

The more you ask for help the more help you will get and the more opportunities will be presented to you.

  1. Network, Network, Network

Your network equals your net worth.

You need to be willing to get out there and meet as many people as you can. The more people you know the more leads you will have for your business, the more connections you will create and the more opportunities for growth and knowledge will be available to you. Networking is great for getting people to help you with your business and by always seeking out new connections you can surround yourself with who you want to become, with business leaders and people that inspire and motivate you.

Without making connections you are left on your own.

The hardest way to attack business and life is alone. Connect yourself with as many people as possible. Go find out how you can connect with champions.

Whatever industry it is that you want to be in, surround yourself with leaders in that industry. The energy of leaders, and champions will rub off on you so that you will be in a better position to go from where you are now to where you want to be. By spending time with these people you will have more tools, techniques and strategies to move you forward.

We all have a certain “level” of thinking. The level of success in your life is partly determined by your level of thinking. E.g. If I had to put you in a room with people that are ten times more successful than you I can guarantee you that they don’t think on the same level as you. A current limiting belief of yours might be, “I can’t be successful in my business or take the steps necessary to be successful because I’m $1,000 or $10,000 in debt.” But when you spend time with very successful business people, Millionaires and Billionaires, and they tell you that they are $1,000,000 in debt and that they are still getting up every day hustling and working in and on their business, are you going to have the same attitude towards your personal debt and business? I don’t think so. You will realize that you are far better off than you think.

Learn as much from successful people as you can. Proximity is power.

The more time you spend with champions the easier it is for you to become a champion in health, wealth and in life.

Conversations = money.

Your environment dictates your performance so go surround yourself with people that perform at a much higher level than you, people that make you think outside the box and that make you think bigger and dream higher. Have as many conversations as possible.

It doesn’t matter what you want in life, if you are willing to have a thousand conversations you will get what you want.

Every time you leave your office, your house or your studio you have opportunity to strike up conversations. Network network network!

  1. Be a producer, not a consumer

Creating = cash. Consuming = debt.

You need to be willing to participate and constantly keep creating value for others if you want to get the value you want in own life. In business all you have to do is make sure that you create enough value, or produce more value than anyone else does to get paid accordingly. If you want to get paid $50,000 all you need to do is create something which has a perceived value of $50,000, or higher. If you want to get paid $50,000,000 then produce or create something worth that or more than that amount.

People don’t buy something because they believe that what they’re purchasing is worth the price, people buy something they believe is worth more than what its being sold for. We all like a good deal! For example, let’s say that I’m looking for a house at $1 Million. If I thought it was worth £1 Million, I would never pay that amount for it. Why? Everyone is looking for a deal.

On average, if something is worth $1 Million people will try and buy it around $800000 (around 20% less). People always try and bargain to get the deal. So if you are looking to sell something at $1 Million, you need to create something that is worth at least 20% more. That way it is easier to sell. Whether it is a product, service or a person (his or her time). Make sure the value of what you’re selling is worth more than the perceived price. Make it worth way more that what you’re selling it for and you’ve got a winning strategy; as long as you’re still making a profit.

Participation = value. So create, don’t consume!

If you keep creating value for your customers/clients you will keep creating create cash, opportunities, wealth and success. Whereas if you sit back and consume you will burn your cash away and that’s when you get into debt.

Whatever your business is or whatever the business is that you’d like to have, business is about creating something that people need, so figure out what people need and then get creative and be fully committed. Don’t just be interested. Be obsessed about creating value. Fulfill people’s wants and needs and you will always have a business.

At the end of the day business is a game of change, improvement and innovation. You are either taking something that already exists and making it better, making it of higher value, to guarantee people a better result or you are taking something that doesn’t exist and you creating it yourself because you believe that it will benefit the lives of others and the world.

  1. Be grounded, not arrogant

It is important to always be a student for life. Never assume that you are the best at what you do because when you assume you are the best you stop learning, you stop engaging and you stop taking on new tools and strategies and as the world is always changing so is business. Therefore when you stop learning you start losing out!

Be willing to listen. Talk less and listen more. Sometimes the best way to learn is by keeping your mouth closed.

Talking about your achievements and how successful you may not be helping you grow. There is a incredibly fine line between confidence and arrogance, make sure you stay on the confident side of the line. Arrogance can be a massive turn off for clients, business partners and potential clients.

The more you are willing to listen in peoples’ company the more they will be willing to share and open up to you. People don’t buy products or services. People buy people! So being arrogant is not a good strategy for getting people to buy the person you really are and whatever it is you’re tying to sell them.

Always come from a grounded place. When you stay grounded and humble you will find that people will naturally start being attracted to you. Having great energy and a great attitude will give you the personal power that you want and need to succeed. This positive energy will bring the right people to your life.

Understanding other peoples wants and needs and being willing to give it to them to the best of your ability will put you in a powerful position to grow.

The more you know the more you grow.

Grounded = logical. Arrogant = emotional.

When we act from an emotional space it is very easy to make the wrong decisions but when you stay grounded and level headed, living in appreciation, grace and ease, you have more logical thinking which will allow you to make better decisions which will in turn allow you to make a better life.

  1. Know that cash is King

Without cash you don’t have a business.

There are many businesses in the world that have gone bankrupt not because they had a bad product, customer service or because they don’t create enough value, but purely because they have ran out of cash.

Be willing to pay yourself first. Not only is this good for keeping a strong mind, knowing that you always have cash in the bank, but you are also conditioning yourself to take care of yourself and your business first. Your business is your baby, make sure you always have enough food to feed it and keep it healthy.

Don’t spend more than you earn. If getting that new car is it going to give you instant reward it might also leave you bust a year from now so when looking at what you spend focus on the long game. What is your long-term plan? Is buying the new car going to move you closer to or further away from your goals? Is it going to be a good investment? Are you taking care of yourself now or are you taking care of your future plans?

Spend less than you earn and you will always be cash rich.

  1. Get Out of the rat race

“The trouble with being in the rat race is that even if you win, you’re still a rat.” – Lily Tomlin

Coming back to the ‘cash flow quadrant’ I mentioned at the start, when you are an employee you are in the rat race, you are generally working hard everyday, 9am – 5pm or in a lot of cases much longer hours. You are working to make someone else wealthy; you are not creating your own wealth.

I’m not saying if you have a job that you should quit your job. I have loads of family, friends and clients who have jobs. But I want to encourage you become a business owner or an investor on ‘the side’ so that you can start creating passive income and wealth. Then you can start having a life where you’re income is not dependent on your active work, where every single amount of money you earn is relative to the amount of effort you’re putting in.

You are not getting fully rewarded for your time because you are building someone else’s business and helping them become an investor. Go back to the ‘cash flow quadrant’; assess where you are and start looking at how and where you can move towards business owner or investor.

  1. Don’t let fear control you 

Be courageous.

F.E.A.R. = False Evidence Appearing Real.

In your head is where your doubts and fears lie. Your saboteurs are there to hold you back and stop you from being happy. Being happy is about achieving what you want in life, financially, spiritually and personally. Whatever it is you most fear in life is what you most must do.

On the other side of fear is where success and an extraordinary life are waiting for you.

Ask yourself, “What is my greatest fear?” Then ask, “What would my life look like if I was able to let go of this fear now? What would my life look like in a year from now? What opportunities would I be able to take? What abundance would come my way? Who would I become and what would I make of my life?”

I am not suggesting that you should run away from your fear, but do not let it control you. Courage is not the absence of fear, it is moving forward in the face of it. If you fear something it is generally due to a past conditioning, which has instilled in you a negative belief about something. When presented by a feeling of fear, ask yourself, “Is this the truth?”

Look for evidence around you that shows the contrary to what you believe, can you find proof that you are more powerful than you think? Do you have someone in your life that can show you what you’re actually capable of? Do you have someone to push you to make what you have previously thought was impossible to become possible?

Look back at your life… Where have you proved to yourself that you’ve already been successful in your life? Where have you shown that you can make money, or that you do have the confidence, certainty and will power to do something extraordinary? Keep focusing on that! Focus is power and whatever you choose to focus on expands.

Use your fear as fuel. Let go of letting your fear hold you back and learn to dance with it.

Ask yourself, “If I can use this fear to my advantage what will it mean for my life?”

  1. Learn How to Sell and do it well

We are always selling and as I mentioned before people buy people so be willing to get selling and make your goal to have as many conversations as you can.

You can’t avoid selling. Even if you’re not the one doing the selling, you are being sold to every single day of your life.

Learning how to sell is going to give you more certainty, confidence and the ability to create wealth in every area of your life. If you are scared of selling go learn how to sell from the greatest salesmen. Success leaves you clues. Find someone who is extraordinary at selling and learn from him or her. Whether it’s online or offline sales learn from the experts. Over time you will learn to have natural confidence in this area.

  1. Take 100% responsibility for your life

No one is coming to rescue you!

You must be willing to participate in your own life and be prepared to take massive continuous action. Do not blame anyone for the quality of your life. When you do this you give your personal power away.

If you find change difficult, just take the first step. Just get moving! But do something.

When you do something you get somewhere. But when you do nothing you get nowhere.

As Martin Luther King said “You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step,”

Take responsibility for your life, relationships and finances. As long as you are moving forward and showing up, you are doing what you need to do to create more wealth and abundance in your life.

Interested in Coaching? 

I’m in the energy, health and wealth management business and have been delivering high performance results for over a decade.

My unique coaching programs are bespoke, designed to best suit your needs, and based on what works at the highest end of the market, having worked with the best of the best.

Coaching is designed to give you:

  1. The truth
  2. The best strategies
  3. Accountability
  4. Certainty

I will run a lie detector with you and remove the excuses holding you back. That is why I am highly paid for what I do. We will find the excuses and eliminate them.

If you follow the program you will get outstanding results. If you don’t follow what I say, you are wasting both your and my time.  I work with clients who are fully committed to creating significant change.

You will be challenged and supported to raise your standards and attain the results you desire and deserve. The first step is creating the change, and then we lock it in.

First, we clarify the results you are committed to achieving, and get 100% focused. Then we assess where you are now and how we are going to bridge the gap to where you want to be.

I am 100% certain about what I do. My clients achieve extraordinary results.

By becoming a client, you are entering a partnership. We are both committed to powerfully improving the quality of your personal and professional life.

Next steps:

  1. We will set up a call to find out if it’s the right fit
  2. If yes, we will work out how we are going to do it in the best way possible
  3. We will discuss and decide when we will start

* The list of my clients and what I share with them is private and confidential.

Let’s talk…

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About the Author:

I teach people how to become their best so they can have more energy, confidence, freedom and success to genuinely live an extraordinary life.

I’ve spoken in front of audiences internationally, speaking about my passion for living life to the fullest, teaching people how to become extraordinary in all areas of life. I have over two decades of experience in personal coaching and high performance; I also run events, retreats and challenges around the world.

I’ve been a professional cyclist, Thai boxer, and Ironman distance triathlete and endurance athlete. As a Peak Performance Coach, I’ve worked with Celebrities, CEO’s, Olympic athletes and International Artists.

I work with people who want to maximize their potential, providing them with the strategies to build and maintain a peak performance body and mind.

I was named Health Coach of the year, selected as one of the top 50 most inspiring people in London and have spoken in front of the Abu Dhabi Royal family.

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