Jean-Pierre De Villiers – Peak Performance Coach | Inspirational Speaker | Best Selling Author

Jean-Pierre (JP) is a professional speaker inspiring companies and individuals to perform at their best. He has captivated audiences around the world, speaking about his passion for living a peak performance life with more health, energy and success.

With over 10 years experience in self development and personal success training, JP has ran his own events in the UK, Ireland, Dubai, South Africa and Thailand. JP has taken his expertise and put together powerful keynote speeches, workplace workshops and corporate training.

Speaking Topics / Workshops:

 – Motivational Sales Training

 – Principles of Peak Performance

 – Killing Stress Before it Kills You

 – Health and Wellness in the Workplace

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Jean Pierre De Villiers will give you the methodologies to attain a powerful connection to your body, food and attitude with his leading edge strategies and practical steps to make sure you are reaching your personal potential.

You will leave the seminar feeling energised and excited with the tools to take you from ordinary to extraordinary in every area of your life.

Jean Pierre will show you the steps and give you the methods to attain your goals in the most effective and practical way that you can implement quickly but with long-term results. You will find you will be able to master your mind and body to create less stress and amazing personal performance achievements.

These are a some of the topics that Jean Pierre covers in his talks that will motivate you to take those all-important action steps towards your ultimate goals.


“Jean-Pierre De Villiers is extraordinary, he’ll help you run a mountain by changing the way you think and how you look at things. He’s different to the rest of the speakers. He really digs in and gets to your heart and mind. He’s a huge asset to any organization looking to help their corporate team or partners reach their full potential with passion. He’s all about helping people think differently and more passionately and he goes through all his steps when coaching entire teams on how to look at things, improve the quality of their communication and how to drive that inner ambitious spirit we all have into real life scenarios. Huge asset.” – Elias Glyptis

“Inspiring, down to earth and thoroughly engaging are just a few key attributes of JPDV and the list could go on and on. He kindly spoke and did a Q&A session with our company after waking up at 5am, flying to Heathrow and was passionate and fresh as a daisy. He instantly comes across as a likable and regular chap with the motivation of a whole NFL squad. The principles he touched on regarding peak performance and also values were very powerful and I’d speak on behalf of everyone present that we will be looking to practise this mantra moving forward. The main things we took away were attitudes of gratitude and being thankful as well as ‘Winning your morning’ and thus your whole day. I would wish everyone attend an event or initially watch one of JP’s videos and I challenge you to not be inspired!” – Lise Thorne, Managing Director – Dynamic Futures

“JP delivered an inspirational and engaging talk about how to find passion and focus. It was impactful and easy to remember and relate to and in particular The four Fs, Focus, Fuel, Fitness and Function. He also talked about getting maximum value from your life, contribution our and participation to get value. The lasting theme and take away was that your rituals define the quality of your life. This was definitely a relevant speaker for our members and all of those that participated. Thanks JP.” – Matt Lewis, Focus Chair, Talent, Leadership and Development – BBG Dubai

“JP is a gifted speaker who ‘Wowed’ the audience at a lunch and learn session at Royal Bank of Scotland. The positive feedback we have received from participants demonstrates that if you want to become Extraordinary, then JP is someone who will help get you there. His principles are timeless, simple and effective.”– Monica Sood – RBS

“If you’re looking for a dynamic and fun speaker who will motivate your audience to take action in the areas of their physical health and mental motivation, then Jean-Pierre De Villiers is for you. JP breaks down good health into simple terms, walking your audience through all the steps they need to take to turbocharge themselves, and by doing so, their lives. JP makes sure that the audience has action items to implement right away so that your event creates REAL value for the audience members. And your audience will have fun!” – Catherine Trebble – Support Your Brilliance

“Jean-Pierre gave a talk on goal-setting at the Financial Markets Law Committee. I found the talk challenging and very engaging. Better yet, it shifted some of my ingrained attitudes. My team said it’s working for them too and we’re all better off as a result.” – Joanna Perkins, Barrister

“Jean-Pierre delivered a hugely inspiring and engaging presentation. Having taken the time to really understand our culture and audience expectations, JP made his presentation highly relevant. He covered the mindset of health and vitality for peak performance and longevity, speaking frankly and openly from the heart, based on his own life experience and his clients results. Providing practical ideas for everyday use, JP made our audience take immediate action for long-term sustainable health. I am delighted that it provided traction, accountability and next steps for our members.” – Karl Pearsall, Founder – Yes Group Worldwide

“JP was a professional, motivational and inspiring speaker at our annual training event in London. We had over 80 members of the UK/I team all of whom did not know what to expect from the day. JP built rapport and empathy with the group based on real life stories, he made it personal as well as factual, the team were jumping up and down, joining in on the activities and enjoying the session. Everyone took away at least one learning factor, whether that is work-life balance, motivation in their lives work or play, or eating better. The feedback has been incredibly positive, the team were engaged. Thank you JP it was no mean feat inspiring a bunch of Contract Managers all with varying lifestyles but you succeeded.” – Pam Purewal, Head of Contract Management, Financial Services UK/I – Accenture.




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