Do you ever feel like you are living life in overwhelm, leaving everything to the last minute, then scrambling under pressure to get prepared?

Are you always in reaction mode with little time to prioritise the things that keep you feeling strong mentally and physically?

I certainly used to be like this.

Maintaining daily habits and rituals

If this global pandemic has taught me anything it’s that having positive habits and rituals can help see you through any crisis.

When working on your mental and physical fitness is a part of your daily life, you can feel ready and steady even in the midst of storms. Remaining centred helps us make decisions from an empowered space and this has never been more important than now, while we are going through these significant global shifts.

Since I have been embracing an action-focused lifestyle and comprised of daily growth rituals, I have no need for a last-minute shift in behaviour. Nourishing daily practises have become habitual for me, so I feel mentally, physically and spiritually fit for whatever life throws at me.

Stay ready then you never have to get ready

This has come to be one of my most significant life mantras. Staying ready means I have no fear of a random opportunity coming my way, I am ready for it.

Whenever my emotion-lead chimp-brain kicks in and says: “I don’t want to exercise, make healthier food choices or study.” I repeat that magical mantra to myself. ‘Stay ready then you never have to get ready.

It reminds me to pay it forward for my future self. And when the big things come, I’m already halfway there.

Who needs an excuse to get fitter, stronger, smarter, better?

Be ready for no-one but yourself, first. When you make yourself the number 1 priority, the world is your golden oyster inviting you to take part fully.

One thing I know is that when we stay ready in terms of keeping fit and healthy, practising self-care and love, educating ourselves every day, doing the things aligned with our values and soul’s calling, we have access to an unlimited resource of energy and motivation.

When you stay ready you signal to the universe that you are open to the new. You welcome your desires becoming a magnet to opportunities that reflect your highest good and purpose.

Write that mantra down wherever you can see it! It will shift your energy in a moment.

Here are 5 ways to stay that will help you participate fully in your own success:

  1. Take stock of your past achievements to remind yourself how far you have come and the challenges you have overcome. This will put you in an ‘I can do it’ mentality.
  2. Focus and get clear on your why. Achieving anything is never a lack of ability it’s always a lack of motivation. Taking a few minutes a day to focus on what drives you and your vision for the future will get you feeling inspired to take action steps.
  3. Move every day! I know it goes without saying but often when I feel anxious I often find it’s been some time since I moved my body. Going for a run, laying down a few burpees or booking in that gym class always maintains the balance and keep your sense of readiness. Your body is your home so treat it with the respect it deserves.
  4. Plan out your week and include empowering rituals that nourish your body and mind as non-negotiable habits. For example, I include meditation, breathing, qui gong and a fitness challenge in my schedule each week, as important as my work.
  5. Find someone, who will keep you accountable – a coach, a mentor or a community. Check out my 3-month Ordinary to Extraordinary coaching program. This program is based on the combination of proven theories of behaviour change and from working with high performers and observing what they consistently do, that works. The result is a unique coaching style that is bespoke and designed to best suit your needs and priorities. It’s for you if you’re ready to take responsibility for your life, pivot forward and be the reason for your next-level growth and success this year.
Read More about the OTE Coaching Program here.

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